Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking My Medicine

I've decided I can be bitter and blue and melancholy about the mess my life has become. Or I can laugh.  Laugh at life, and myself, and my serious pouty face. My mother used to say , "You look just like an old bullfrog." I mean, in the worst of times life is pretty ridiculous. We get all caught up in dramas and we miss out on the simple beauty in life. I thought I had it bad until I talked to a guy on line last night.  He may be going to jail.  He can't pay child support. He can't see his kids because they are in another state.  His wife was such a bad mother the state gave custody of the two kids to their grandparents.  The grandparents have a six figure income.  So now the guy may well go to jail because he has no job and can't pay child support, can't see his kids.  Lost his wife because she cheated on him and dumped him.

So in hind site, my life could be worse. My kids are grown and raising healthy children. They are happily married as far as I know. I'm not on my way to jail.  I don't even have living grandparents to put the screws to me. I'm coping. I'm doing what I can to fix my life. I'm counting my blessings. And I'm laughing. I'm going to crochet a new jester hat.  I'm going to put on silly make-up. And I'm going to dance and juggle and make jokes and get more humor into my life. I am going to be the bright moment in somebody's day. Even if I die tomorrow I'm going to put a smile on someone's face before I go. Because laughter is the best medicine.

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