Monday, August 06, 2012

String Keeper for Traditional Archery

This morning I am studying how to make a string keeper for archery. For those of you who don't do traditional archery, a bowstring kind of hangs on your bow when you are not using it and they tend to either get buried in the storage sleeve called a bow sock or they fall off and get tangled in your gear, or even worse, they get lost.  A string keeper is a handy little device that is like a cuff that goes over the tip of the bow, a string that gets threaded through the loop on the bowstring, and then a slider that snugs everything up neat and tidy. I have plenty of scrap leather so we'll see how it goes today. Usually they are made out of leather and maybe a bone or antler button, but I've seen one made out of beads. If I get one made today I'll post photos.

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