Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas and Crochet Hooks

I think it's already time to start working on Christmas crafts. The dreaded Christmas. I still want to make Halloween stuff. But my mind is trying to come up with Christmas ideas for tutorials. I'd love to think people come to my blog just to hear all about me, but most of the pages that get regular traffic are the ones with tutorials.

I also ran across a page yesterday on making creative coverings for crochet hooks. I've noticed that thicker hooks are easier on my aging hands.  So I think some sort of wrap in felting, polymer clay or cord wrapping will not only make my hooks look unique, but will make it easier for my hands to crochet longer without fatigue.  My boyfriend knows how to make cordage wraps on knife and tool handles so perhaps he will share his methods with me.  It will also keep the crochet hooks from rolling away if I set them on a desk or table. And at the end of the night, if I've loaned out my hooks to students, I'll be able to tell which ones are mine. So I want to try that from now on. Every hook should have it's own pajamas.

Christmas scarf I designed a year or two ago.


thekniftyknitter96 said...

Hey fayme!
I see that you are trying to come up with tutorials for Xmas and Halloween. I was wondering if you'd make your new tutorials with your knitting looms. I am really terrible at crochet and was wondering if you wold consider doing a tutorial with the Looms. Anyway I hope all is well and you have a great week!!

F. Z. Harper said...

Thanks Laura. If I'd been smart I would have written a whole book on it by now. I hope to make more loom tutorials soon. If we could just get this stupid move over with so I could focus, I could get on with it.