Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Night Out With the Knitters

I was showing someone my witch doll yesterday and how I still needed to make the hair and the hat and maybe a broomstick or a cat.  As I was tucking it away it suddenly dawned on her.  "Oh, you made that from scratch.  I thought you bought it that way and had to finish it." LOL  I guess like a kit. Not only did I make it, I didn't even use a pattern.  I want each doll to be different. I want to flex my creative muscles.

At any rate, I didn't take my reading glasses so sewing the doll was out of the question.  But I was able to work on the knitting as the double pointed needles are fairly large and it's just regular size yarn (worsted weight).

One of the women was working on embroidery over a silkscreened background print, and it was so beautiful.  It made me miss embroidery. Must get back to that soon. 

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