Thursday, August 09, 2012


The heatwave and my current living situation has left me uninspired. I'm sure the people in the Inland Empire have it even worse. I don't miss living in Riverside, not at all. I don't miss the smog either. I do miss going to college there though.  Go Tigers! The heatwave is supposed to continue through Friday. I hope I can beg a ride to the library today. If so, I'll take my doll box and enjoy the comfort of library air conditioning for a few hours. I have a witch doll to finish.

I just joined a site called 'Copious' as well. Or view my profile on Copious. It uses social networking to help you market your items to people on your Facebook stream.  I haven't listed anything there yet; just exploring. Whatever you are doing today, stay cool. Make sure your pets have plenty of water they can't tip over and lots of shade they can reach no matter how they are tethered. And I'll go try to find my motivation.

This is the SCA device I am working on.  Only I want the stars to be purple and I haven't decided what color background I want.

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