Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Archers Gather

The rain left us alone on this crisp day at the tail end of winter.

Last Sunday we met with friends at the Arroyo Seco area in Pasadena to work on bows and primitive skills. It had rained the previous day and the archers that drive from far away had second thoughts, fearing a wet day after a long drive.  We had a somewhat slow turn out for Paleoplanet, but our SCA friends showed up too, so we had enough to keep us productive and entertained. I worked on sewing beads around the rim of a gourd bowl. Aimee embellished a didgeridoo with beads. Amanda ran an SCA style practice. Altogether about 30 people showed up throughout the day.

Guy setting up his bow bench.

Gary, Guy, Sal, and Aimee enjoying a beautiful day together.

Alex stands on a bench while Tom holds the froe. They are splitting the wood to make bows.

Me wearing the snood I just finished crocheting.

Admiring the llama wool fingerless gloves Santiago let me borrow. 

Santiago shoots his bow.

Details of the snood I made for St. Patrick's Day

Majestic sycamore

I like spending the day near trees

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