Friday, March 02, 2012

I Have an Inkling

I was just studying my favorite Tumblr Crushed Culdesac. I was looking at all the interior decorations and I was wondering why my rooms never look like that. And it hit me...I know I have too much stuff but... I'm so prolific, and I can't sell things worth a darn, so there is no room for the new creations, but what if I treated my space like a photo studio. That is, set it up all nice like, take photos, and then just give all that stuff away. Get it out of here to free up new negative space for tomorrow's studio set up. It's not like I'm ever going to run out of stuff anytime soon. So if you are one of my friends, or one of my enemies, or one of my frienemies, look out because you may soon find yourself with a care package of weird and amazing Pigglewiggins creations. I can't afford to mail stuff to people, so if you want stuff and you don't ever see me face to face, feel free to make a request as long as you are willing to pay postage, delivery confirmation and so on. I need to free up some space for new ideas. Yep yep. Act soon before I change my mind.

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