Monday, March 05, 2012

Junk Journal and Fairy Gourds

Today I worked on my junk journal adding all those paper bits of art that get knocked off by cats. Little paintings, sketches, magazine tear sheets, old letters, postcards and stuff that just clutters up the place until I sit still long enough and get it into the journal.

Yesterday at the archery range I started 2 gourd fairy houses. I glued gourd seeds around the windows and doors.  But by the time I got it home in a plastic bag, some of the seeds had been knocked off. So I glued them back down, and then used a toothpick to drizzle Modpodge between each seed. Now I feel like they'll be much more secure.  Tomorrow if the weather stays nice I'll take the wood burner out to the garage and burn designs on the gourds. It was a bit much doing it indoors. Even with good ventilation the smoke lingered for hours.  So from now on I'll do it outdoors or in the garage unless the weather is bad and I have deadlines to finish the work.

Also, at the archery range, I worked with my drop spindle. I think I spun for 20 minutes and only had the thread break once, so I must be getting better. I just needed consistent practice.

Tomorrow we have to take the cat to the vet for his yearly check-up. I'm sure we'll end up running errands too.  I just hope I get home long before dark so I can work on craft inventory.

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