Monday, March 12, 2012

Finger Knitting, Tophatter, So On and So Forth

It would be nice to get to 100 followers someday here on my busiest blog. I was stuck on 69 for the longest time. I'm glad to see I'm finally up to 73. Do less people follow blogs these days because they would rather follow on Facebook or twitter, or some other site?

I did some more finger knitting today. It's very relaxing and doesn't seem to tire my hands out like knitting with needles or crocheting with hooks. I'm trying to use up old yarn I got from a friend who moved away. The first strand reminded me of seaweed, so I thought I'd make a curtain as a backdrop for mermaid's to romp in. 

I'm also studying the ins and outs of Tophatter. I already bought 2 things on there. I have a painting scheduled for Wed's auction. You don't have to be present when your item comes up for sale, but I think it's more exciting that way and you can answer the last minute questions buyers might have.  I hate to see sales lost because someone forgot to put how long their bracelet is, or what the ear wires might be on the earrings up for sale. If you shop for jewelry, there are some excellent items to be had for low prices there. Almost everyone in the auction room seems to have an Etsy or Artfire url attached to their screen name.  Unlike some other sites (cough zibbet cough) that won't let you mention competing sites, Tophatter doesn't seem to mind at all. And the listings are easy to pin to Pinterest so you can show off your purchases or your listings that are up and coming.

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