Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not My Best Night

Like many artists, I sometimes find myself trying to do everything at once. So today I was out on the front porch shooting photos for a beading tutorial and a primitive embroidery tutorial. I had to run back in to get more thread. And then I saw my boyfriend's computer so I thought I better sit down a moment and answer emails. So I set the thread down and started typing away in the Etsy chatroom. Then I realized it was getting dark out so I took a quick shower. Then my boyfriend came home while I was in the shower and wondered why my stuff was on the porch in the dark because I hadn't turned the porch light on and also why was the door unlocked.

Well, doh, when I get distracted I get really distracted. Then he asked me if I was giving him embroidery thread for his birthday. So I said, "Why on earth would you say that? Your birthday is not even until January." Then I remembered I'd left the thread by his computer and everything else out on the porch. So I threw some clothes on and ran outside. There was my stuff, but no camera. I thought how odd and then I thought he was playing a joke on me. So I came back in and said, "Where's my camera." And he looked at me blankly. Then I realized either it was stolen, or I left it somewhere but I looked for an hour.

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