Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Getting A Thing Done

Usually doing crafts helps me to overcome depression. But since my camera was stolen right in the middle of a craft project (literally, it was sitting next to my embroidery) I feel sad whenever I even think about picking up a project. Because then I remember I can't take a photo of it when I'm done to show you guys. So, in my case it is fair to say that a camera is key to my creativity and my business. I just don't have the $200 to buy one. My bf will let me use his but he said he'd skin me alive if I dropped it or managed to get it stolen, so it's not like I'm going to feel comfortable using it. I'll probably use it for Etsy listings only as I don't want to risk taking it traveling or anywhere it might get lost of stolen. Which pretty much means using it in the house or backyard. This sucks. I've been using my webcam but I'll show you how poor the quality is. Here's a shot I took with it.

If you want to chip in so I can get a new camera, I put a PayPal donate button in the right sidebar. Hugs.

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