Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Day That Killed Creativity

My day started out with not only feeling bad about my stolen camera, but also finally admitting to myself that I needed to see a doctor about several issues.
So after getting the run around from the doctor's office I used to go to I had to find a new doctor and deal with my coverage being about to expire in a month and so on. You've all been there...miles of red tape and you can't get from A to B. So the way it's looking now I have a doctor's appointment on June 11 looming over me and I still haven't heard back on how to reapply for my medical coverage. And oh joy, since I've 51 now I'm pretty darn sure they'll want to do a mammogram and a colonoscopy.

So I haven't exactly been in a creative mood. Frozen and staring into space is more accurate. I spent time in the Etsy chatroom to take my mind off of things. You hear the darndest things in there. One mother of six said the delivery of child number six not only left her with a broken tail bone, but a hernia as well. So much for the romance of motherhood.

Today is one of those days I could have used a damn-it doll...damn-it, damn-it, damn-it.

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