Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Making Rugs

Today I am researching two types of rugmaking. Woven Navajo rugs made with the wool from Churro Sheep and Primitive Hooked Rugs. I want to get into one or the other and maybe both.

This morning at Salvation Army I bought 2 men's sports jackets in 100% Virgin Wool at 40% off hoping to cut them into wool strips for rug hooking. I was a bit discouraged to see that the cutters run about $600 to $800. But I will be cutting things by hand or maybe with a rotary cutter I guess.

I was happy to find some listings on Etsy for Churro Sheep wool. Alas, this venture is going to cost me some money. Whenever you get into anything involving wool the prices go up. Even so I'm itching to try it.

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