Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hubpage Challenge

I just made my first International Etsy sale to Canada. I'm pretty nervous about the customs thing. But yay me.

I also got the rug hook in the mail that I ordered off of Etsy. I wish I had a real life teacher for this rug hooking stuff. It's going to be a challenge.

I'm writing 100 articles in 30 days for the Hubpages challenge. I want at least 20 of those articles to be on arts and crafts. So if you have any ideas in that area I'm all ears. I already have a lot of craft articles on there. If you go to the link you can read some of them. I think my first one will be on garden crafts; things you can make to add whimsy to your garden.

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Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Yay for getting your first international sale!!! I was nervous ,about the customs part, my first time too.