Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch Hat Makeover

Today I'm going to do a witch hat makeover using a plain black hat I got at the .99 store and a witch dog costume I got at the .99 store.  I'm going to cut all the trim off the dog costume and put it on my hat. I needed a green and black witch hat to complete my Slytherin Witch costume. I wish the hat wasn't so thin though. I've always gotten decent witch hats at the dollar store but this one seems below par. But I'm out of time so I'm going to make the best of it. 

I cut the green tulle off the hat, as well as the corset lacing leaving an inch of black satin on the side.

I sewed the tulle around the base of the cone. It wasn't laying as flat as I wanted it to so I clipped it into panels.
Then I pinned the corset part where I needed and sewed around it, turning the black edges under as I went.

I use the green parts and set the rest aside for a future project.

Here you can see the tulle fluttering in the wind.

Another witch I met at the Lucerne Valley Trick-or-Treat Event

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