Monday, October 28, 2013

Mighty Wind Please Go Away

Last night's windstorm knocked my Internet off line. The company in Vegas tried to fix it on their end to no avail.  So we scheduled a service call on Wed. But I'm stubborn and kept trying to open the connection and tonight it came on. So I figured I'd better make a blog post while I still had the chance because it is still really windy outside.

Lots of stuff in the yard got knocked around and we spent an hour putting more stuff away, re-securing all the tarps, moving fallen branches and trying to find the parts of the hummingbird feeders.  It's supposed to rain but the rain hasn't started yet and the wind hasn't let up any.

We had a workbench kit in the yard wrapped in tarps and the box was completely gone and one of the tabletop pieces had broken in half.  We couldn't even find the giant cardboard box it had been in. Later in the day I spotted it next door in the neighbor's chicken coop!  My boyfriend went over there to get it and his bad knee gave out and sent him tumbling to the ground. I am glad he figured out how to get up because I don't know how long he would have laid there before I noticed him missing and went to investigate. Hopefully it wouldn't have been too long, because I knew he was going to feed her chickens and come right back so we could go to the library to check our email. One big clear plastic bin disappeared altogether.

So it's been a struggling day, and not much time for art. I did make some mincemeat cookies though. And we got library books to keep us busy for the evening. But I am glad the computer came back on line, because life seemed odd without it.

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