Monday, October 21, 2013

A Pause for Blogging

Sometimes I just get too busy to blog.  My energy is going in a hundred different directions this month.
I signed up for a local art show in November. They want paintings and gourd art so I need to get some things framed and priced and organized.

But before that happens I volunteered to do face painting at the Lucerne Valley Halloween tailgate event on Halloween. So I'm working on my costume for that.

I also ordered new business cards that are due on the 30th. I hope they get here in time for the Halloween event.

Today I focused on sewing beads and sequins on my skirt panels. When it's done I'll list it as a custom order on Etsy for like $1000. It's all labor practically. But this skirt is for me. I'm not willing to go through all this beading again for a lower price. Sometimes you just need one big fantastic time consuming project to really push your own limits, and this is mine.

I'm also baking a lot. I just finished doing mincemeat cookies which I talked about on my kitchen blog.

A cookie that turned out like a heart.

Fall leaves on the apricot tree.

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