Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holidays Fast Approaching

Sometimes when you are multitalented, it's hard to focus,especially with the holidays fast approaching. I've been derailed again into teddy bear land. I'm knitting a little silver teddy bear on size 0 needles. Yes, I'm crazy.

 I did some minor porch decorating for Halloween. I'm not all that motivated, because no one will really see it. We don't get many visitors out this way, and no children that live close enough to come trick-or-treating. I imagine the locals go to the Halloween tailgate event at the Lucerne market, so I volunteered to do face painting there to get my name out and so I could see some cute little kids dressed in costumes for Halloween. You just don't go door to door trick-or-treating when houses are half a mile apart.

 I am still hoping someone hires me to read tarot cards at a local event. This used to be my most lucrative day of the year, and the earnings would help me survive Christmas. I have three grandchildren to spoil and I haven't had the money to do it.

There's a fat little chipmunk scarfing all the seeds out of the birdseed bowl. I tapped on the window to scare it away and it just glared at me with it's beady little eyes.

I'm working on my Slytherin witch costume. So happy I found these poison apple green gloves at the .99 store. I wish I'd bought them in pink and white as well, but didn't have the spare change.
They probably had black too, but I imagine they sold out immediately with Halloween around the corner.

Acid Green Gloves

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