Friday, October 04, 2013

Crafting and Baking

For some reason my Youtube sound isn't working. Very annoying, especially when I'm trying to watch crochet tutorials!  Two friends from Facebook were trying to help me for 3 hours yesterday. I figured I'd give it a rest and try again today in case the problem is on Youtube's end, but still no sound. Garrrrrr.

A little chipmunk is on my porch hoarding the peanuts we put out yesterday. I've almost finished an autumn elf hat I'm crocheting. This one is for me, but I'll use it as a custom order sample in my Etsy shop.

My boyfriend is making apple butter in the crock pot, so the house smelled amazing when I got up.
I've only had jarred apple butter from stores. This stuff tastes amazing, though too tart to eat by itself. I'm thinking on toast would be awesome. The apples came from my next door neighbor's trees. I think they are called wine sap.

Two days ago I made chocolate chip cookies. And I have a few chips left and some mini m-n-m's so I'm going to put those together in a cookie experiment. Something about the autumn air just makes me want to bake. It's way too hot in the summer to bake so I'm making up for lost time I guess.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Nuts

I also got 6 Gala apples from the market to use for apple head dolls. That is going to be a big project. I wish I'd started it sooner because they take a while to dry and may not be ready for Samhain. But I'll do what I can. With our new oven, the drying should be easier than with our old temperamental oven in Anaheim. That thing never did work right.


Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Someone commented on one of my YouTube videos that there was no sound. When I checked it out I discovered that all YouTube videos are now loading with the sound muted and in order to hear them you have to adjust the volume on the video sound slider to hear it. For awhile the videos were loading with the adjuster bar in the loudest sound position possible, so my guess is people complained and YouTube has the videos loading mute instead of wide open.

BTW-those cookies look yummy!

Fayme Zelena Harper said...

Thank you Brenda. Early this morning I was on Youtube and it occurred to me that maybe I had accidentally put the sound on mute. Just when my eyes landed on it, my boyfriend looked over my shoulder and said, "No wonder, your slider is all the way down on the sound." All day I've been puzzling over it because I know I hadn't hit the mute button. Well, your answer explains the mystery. I'm sure people complained it they turned on Youtube when the kids were in bed and sound suddenly came blaring out. You'd think YouTube would have sent a memo or something. 'Doh.