Saturday, September 07, 2013

Lace Curtains and Cookbooks

Today we went to a rummage sale and I found a whole box full of white lace curtains. I was even happier when without any haggling she dropped the price from $5 to $4. My boyfriend stocked up on .25 cookbooks.  I also bought a bag of buttons in shades of blue for a quarter. I go through a lot of buttons because they go with a lot of craft projects.

Anyway I've been looking for lace for some Magnolia Pearl inspired summer tops. I'm not sure I want white though. I'll probably dye it some other color. When I dug though the curtains at home, at the very bottom was a cute little battery operated alarm clock with glowing hands and numbers. Love! That was a total surprise.

Two friends found us a washing machine, so now sewing is going to be a lot easier. I won't waste half a day each week dealing with the laundromat.

If anyone is in Lucerne Valley, CA tomorrow the Senior Center's sale is still going on. Outdoors on the patio are all the yard sale items. Indoors where it is cool has booths set up with ceramics, stained glass supplies, some Roy Roger memorabilia, and other goodies. They can really use the money so drop by if you can and pick up a few things.

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