Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gourds and Swords

I had a fun day crocheting with my new friend Shelly, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and watching my friend Murph and his girlfriend hash it out with swords and shields. Then I got started on some gourds. I never did find my gesso, so I did the undercoat with a light brown similar to the skin of the gourds. I perused Pinterest and Bing for gourdy inspiration and I have lots of ideas bumping around in my noggin. My camera is still locked in the car so photos soon I promise.

Then tomorrow we are driving down the hill to visit relatives, so I'll take my crochet on the road again. These small freeform units are easy to pack up and take along. I'm still exploring paisley shapes. It's so much fun. Each one comes out different. I never get bored with this kind of thing. Usually the only thing that makes me stop is my hand or wrists starts hurting. Then I have to ice it and lay off for a day or two.

I also got to watch Jane and her friends paint some giant silk banners. That sure looks like fun. I must try that sometime.

Gourds with the undercoat. See next post for more.

Girlfriend and boyfriend trading blows.

Banners drying in the sun.

Jane painting her silk banner.

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