Monday, September 16, 2013

And Then There Was Esmeralda

This is Esmeralda. Today I was going through a few of the boxes from storage, and I found her. I made her from air dried clay right before the Disney movie featuring Esmeralda came out. I was so mad that Disney used the same name, so I never finished Esmeralda. She was meant to be a marionette I think, but she's too heavy for that. She'd make a great doll. Or maybe someone has an Ozma of Oz style head collection. 

Should I finish her? Sell her? Stuff her back in a box.  I don't know. Sergio complimented her on Facebook. Then my boyfriend said she was 'Scary'. Then my friend Ted asked if I had too much make-up on. Everyone seems to have an opinion about poor Esmeralda.  And yes, she is bald. Evidently I never got around to making hair for her, so I wrapped her up in a vest for now. I'm undecided on what to do now. I have  plenty of current projects that need doing.

I also found some unmounted stamps I designed in the days I thought I was going to have my own rubber stamp store. I don't know if I should list those on Etsy or give them to my children. I don't think they are into rubber stamping. I found a lot of parts in one box to make many more dolls. The creative bug has bitten me but I feel torn in 100 directions.

Clay doll or marionette head by Fayme Zelena Harper

Esmeralda the gypsy.

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