Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY Ring Holder

Recently an artist I admire made a tutorial for a DIY ring holder. I knew I wanted to make one sometime but I kept forgetting to buy the sponge curlers at the Dollar Tree store. Yesterday I picked up 2 packages. I didn't know if I had a tray to put them in but I found one kicking around in a kitchen box. I had also come across some black stretch velour in my bedroom that I knew would be easy to tuck around the curlers. I used 15 large rollers, but you should use the amount that fills up your tray. Hers is much fancier, but mine will do the trick. Namely, keep my rings from getting lost and make it faster to find just the ones I want to wear. I have a bit too much wiggle room in mine, but I think it will be just the right amount once it is full of rings with different sized bands. I didn't glue anything down. That way I can take it apart if necessary and redo it. Make sure you see her tutorial first for other ideas. You can find it on her Talk2TheTrees blog.

Take the curlers off the rods and arrange in tray.

Cut a piece of stretch velour larger than you need.
Tuck excess around and between rollers.
Add your rings.

Uh oh. I may have to make another one.

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