Saturday, September 07, 2013

Breakfast Without Facebook

Good Morning World

Rock Formations in Victorville area.
A few days ago I decided I needed a new morning ritual. I had gotten into the habit of waking up in front of Facebook. Then 3 hours later I realized I was still on the computer and it was too hot to do anything outside. So I decided to postpone turning on the computer until noon each day.

So this morning I randomly woke up at 7 AM. I purposely didn’t turn on my computer. I went next door to feed my neighbor’s dog. She was very happy to see me and had to run a few laps before she settled down enough to eat.

Then I set the hose down to water a tree, and sat down and scrubbed the rest of the gourds I got last Tues. I watered the garden. I pulled up some sad tomatoes that never set fruit and got attacked by hornworms. I can plant garlic in that tub now.

I wrote a long letter to a friend. I spent 30 minutes reading my meditation book and thinking about what it said. I put out birdseed for the quail and sparrows. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast.  I moved some boxes that were blocking the front door after I moved my bed yesterday. Then I spent the rest of the time working on an embroidery project for my Etsy shop. I even went 30 minutes past noon because I was so engrossed in it.

Still about 50 times I thought of something I needed to do on Facebook or on line. For example, I was going to play my guitar, but I need the computer to tune it, so I postponed that until later. It’s going to take a while to break the Facebook habit.

First I’m going to do my blog post and then go on Facebook. Now if I play Candy Crush I won’t feel guilty.

And I hear thunder, so I’m glad I got the outdoor stuff done before it starts to rain.

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