Saturday, July 02, 2011

Backstrap Loom

Yesterday I took my loom kit to the archery range in Santa Ana.  I'm glad I did because we were there much longer than I planned on and I got quite a lot done. This is the first striped sash I've made.  It's my best one yet. I found out this type of loom is called a backstrap loom because you wear a strap around you and tie the belt to it so you can get the right tension.
At one point a squirrel was under the bench right by my toes but it scooted off when a bike went by.  Once you are tied into the loom it's not that easy to jump up and do things and I couldn't quite reach my camera.
Nothing beats crafts on a nice day under a shady tree in my book.

Making a striped belt on my backstrap loom.

Using a comb as the beater.

I made a simple shuttle out of a basswood rectangle and the loom out of popsicle sticks and basswood slats.

Weaving is fun.

San Tiago archery range.

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