Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Thirty Days of Crafts

I've been seriously lacking in motivation, so I thought I'd do 30 days worth of different crafts to have something in writing to look forward to and to keep me moving.  So here is the list I came up with for the next 30 days. All of these are from supplies I already have on hand. So I will have no excuses to not dive right in. If you don't lose your skills, they will get rusty. When the economy is crawling around, use that time to hone new skills.

July 5 Gourd art

6 Backstrap weaving

7 ACEO's (Art cards editions and originals)

8 Wire wrapped jewelry

9 Animal drawing

10 Embroidery on Felt

11 Thread looping
12 Sock knitting
13 Woodburning
14 Walking stick
15 Feather fascinator
16. Sock monkey
17. Macrame'
18. Acrylic on canvas
19. Sewing
20. Quilted Chatalaine

21. Art doll
22. Freeform crochet
23. Amigurumi
24. Papercrafts
25. Puppet
26. Boutonniere
27. Flower arrangement
28. Hat
29. Needle punch
30. Clay pendant
31. Faux flower pin
August 1 Tree of life pendant
2 Earrings
3 Wood egg  painting

Making a dragonfly needle punch I designed.

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