Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lyondemere Anniversary SCA Event

Heavy Weapons

My First Egg Tempera Painting

Sword Match Round Robin
Fencer Stretching


Shoemaker at work
I survived the Lyondemere Anniversary in Long Beach.  No time to post photos now as I have to get up early for archery in Pasadena.
At the event I got my new tempera supplies from Griffin Dye Works.  So I spent as much time as I could doing an illumination of 2 foxes. Dealing with powders in the wind was a bit challenging. As soon as I can get the powder wet it's ok.
I took photos of some of the heavy weapons and fencing too. I'm getting to know more of the fencers.
As far as bardic goes, I only saw a trio of singers, so they got my tokens for the day.
There was a sweet raffle. My new friend from last weekend's tempera class was there today and she won a big coffee table book of Earth photos and 2 crocheted collars, so she was happy. Her SCA name is Ariana. Hope I remember it.
A lot of people were interested in the bow shaving bench too. And Guy repaired some arrows for folks while they waited. He stayed busy and I stayed busy and we get along best that way.
Off to bed with me.

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