Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Are You Thinking Goodwill?

I needed a thrift store fix and since the Salvation Army down the street moved away, I went to the fairly new Goodwill across the street.  I was hoping by now their prices would have dropped out of the stratosphere, but no such luck.  If they are selling a pair of new shoes that's never been worn, the price is about the same as me buying new ones at PayLess shoes.  Even the flip-flops were $3. and I've seen them for less than that at Walmart.  In fact one lady near me said quite loudly to her shopping companion, "At these prices I may as well get new ones at Walmart." The shop was full of shoppers, but most weren't buying anything. There was only one customer at the register ahead of me, and she appeared to be the ride for the cashier.

I did buy a Welcome sign with a rabbit on it for my front door for Year of the Rabbit. It was $5.00.  And I bought a set of 3 papier mache boxes to decorate for .99.  Probably the same price I would have paid at Michael's but I wasn't going to leave empty handed.

I know not all Goodwill's have the same price point. This one is at Beach and Lincoln in W. Anaheim. Hopefully I'll find another thrift store with thrift store prices soon.


10Yen said...

ha! I thought I was the only one who thought goodwill had expensive prices. Its nice to see it's not just me although sometimes they do have good finds for decent prices its just a matter of searching. although if you have a goodwill outlet (the main place where everything is dropped off before shipping off) you can get bags of stuff for only a few bucks. At least 2 towns over where I live in oregon you can.

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Our Goodwill is a drop off point but no such luck on the discounted bags. The only good thing about that Goodwill is they will take E-waste that's not supposed to go into the trash (anything with cords or batteries).