Saturday, January 08, 2011

Plush Book and Needle Punch

I've been working on needle punch a lot. I finished one of an Egyptian Ankh.  Then I grabbed an old project of a girl in a red dress flying a red kite.  I'm guessing I wasn't quite done with the blue sky when I ran out of light blue thread.  I just about got that one finished last night.

Today I got to go to Art Supply Warehouse with my daughter and  son-in-law.  They bought some clay for their new pottery studio.

I bought a book featuring many plushy artists called Plush You by Kristen Rask. I love to see the variety that the plush artists are coming up with.  Everything from mutant sock monkeys to bleeding monsters.
Plenty of fuel in that book for many rainy days of crafting with scraps of fabric, felt and wool. The book has some patterns included as well, though much of it is a gallery of the works of others. For unknown reasons it was marked down to $2.99. Excellent.

I also got some sparkly watercolors and some opaque watercolors in a really nifty stack.  Hard to describe so I'll have to take a photo when I have time.

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