Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shifting Things a Bit & How to Torture Your Neighbors

I thought my blog was getting way too cluttered so I removed some of the widgets, and moved a few to my other blogs that didn't have much on them. So if you are looking for something that seems to be gone, just ask. I don't think most people will even notice they are gone. And for those with slow computers maybe my page will open a bit faster now. That's the plan anyway.

I didn't work on crafts today because my neighbor's decided to throw a big party on the lawn in front of my house. So I've had 7-10 year old girls bouncing in the bounce castle on the lawn, constant screaming, the generator running and then they run upstairs to the little girl's bedroom over my head like a herd of elephants about every 20 minutes. What ever happened to taking the party to Chuck E. Cheese or the local park. Why torture your neighbors? The party started at 10 AM and it is now 9:18 PM and no signs of it ending anytime soon. Enough already.

We are going to be gone all day tomorrow. Why couldn't the party have been tomorrow instead? We could coordinate these things if they would just tell us ahead of time when they plan to take over the common areas. I remember when I had parties as a child and none of them were over 2 hours long. Kid's have a short attention span. They don't need 12 hour parties.

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