Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cats Are Evil

Life is strange. Yes. This morning I was getting ready to go to the post office to mail my daughter's birthday card and a package for my boyfriend. The cat was begging for milk so I leaned over to pour some into a bowl on the floor. He leaps like a crazed rabbit, bumps the folding table the mail is sitting on and spills not one but 2 glasses of water all over me, the card, the package, the couch and the floor. So yes, in hindsite I wish I'd shut my mouth when my boyfriend asked me if he wanted me to take my mail to the post office with his mail. But like an idiot I said, "I thought you wanted me to go," and he said, "Could you?" So the card was ruined, and I had to repackage the other stuff. So I took it to the post office, but also dropped by Joanne's (another mistake) and ended up spending $30 I'm supposed to be paying my car insurance with. I wouldn't have been tempted if I hadn't left the apt. which is why I stay home a lot. If I go out I try to link all my errands together, which one way or another ends up costing me money. While I was out I got hungry and ate at Wendy's and spent another $8. Once again, if I'd stayed home I wouldn't have spent that either.

At least I got five silkscreen prints listed in my Etsy shop. A sale would be nice.

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