Saturday, March 14, 2009

Format Woes

I have no use for these wide green sidebars on this blog. There must be an easy way to shrink those so the rest of my important content isn't all squished down the center. Help!!! Anyone. I tried to do it once and wiped out my whole format and had to start again from scratch.

So many nice people in the Etsy chatroom tonight. Or at least they were putting their best foot forward. I finally left at 3:30 AM. Gads. I didn't mean to stay up that late. Why am I so wound up? Full moon? Friday the 13th? Who knows. People in there still don't see how I make money blogging. Every day it seems I explain that you can make money blogging using various methods...adsense, Kontera, Project Wonderful and so on.

Speaking of which, I went to log into my Artfire store called Steampunk and couldn't log in for love nor money. So I figured out how to go straight to my user name url, and the page that opened up was not my shop, but rather an Artfire subcategory. What the heck? So I hit the button for 'reset my password' and when I got the email confirmation, I saw they had changed my shop name from 'Steampunk' (a great name) to 'Steampunk1' (a marginal name). And worse, they didn't even notify me about the change. Looks like they decided to keep the Steampunk name for themselves. Kind of shifty if you ask me. So I tried to log in with the new confirmation code they sent, only I couldn't. It said 'you have not picked a security question so you must call our offices'. Great plan but it's the middle of the night and I'm not even sure they take calls on the weekend. What a hassle.

Anyway, now it's almost 4 AM. Thanks for coming to my blog. Out of a million or more blogs, you chose mine. Thanks so much.

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Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Wow, all that hassle must really suck. Hope you get it fixed soon!