Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camping in Springville

We got back this afternoon from our camping event in Springville CA. Friday was perfect weather, Sat. was a little cooler with only a few patches of sunshine breaking through. Then Sat. night around 11 PM it started to rain. Throughout the night we had more rainy times than not rainy times. So Sunday morning we packed up our tent and canopy and all our supplies in the pouring rain and came home. Everything is wet and muddy so we still have to clean it all.

I think most everyone had a good time though. We had live music on Sat. night by a duo called Four Shillings Short. They must have played 20 instruments between the two of them including sacbutt, psaltery, hammered dulcimer, various recorders, tin whistle, bodhran, dumbek, sitar, and banjo.

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