Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power Outage

Last night I was just about to grab an Etsy treasury at 5:20 AM only my power went out at 5:15 AM. Some sort of weird auxiliary lights came on inside the apt. And right as the lights blipped the first time I heard a popping noise out on the street. So I wonder if we blew a transformer. That has happened once before on this block. I'm glad I was already up because my aquarium filter was making a godawful noise. The power shortage somehow interrupted the siphon and the pump was running dry. If that had gone on until morning it surely would have burned out the pump or maybe even caused a fire. So I unplugged it until morning and also unplugged my answering machine which kept trying to restart with the weak current going through it. My ISP wouldn't work at all. Finally I went to bed about 6 AM and by morning, everything was back on line again. But alas for me, no treasury. :(
At least the aquarium filter seems OK.

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Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Aww, that really sucks! Hope the fish are alright and glad to hear all was ok by morning.