Saturday, February 15, 2014

Turquoise and Lampwork Bead Necklaces

My friend came over on Thursday and we worked on necklaces.  That is to say, I made one pink and black necklace with lampwork beads and she made four or five necklaces. I can't seem to bead and talk at the same time.
Since it is warm outside, I decided I can go back to working in my studio, which is a rental container in the backyard. So I cleaned a work space and started working before dark. The necklace I made Thursday was on string, which I was unhappy with, so tonight I restrung it on wire. Then I made another turquoise necklace which I really like. By then it was dark out, and once I turned off the lights in my container, the yard was pitch black. Now I know where to put the two solar spike lights I bought. At least my boyfriend thought ahead for me and turned on the back porch light.

I will take better photos sometime when it is not dark out, but I think blog posts are always better with photos, so I'll post what I have.

Two necklaces.

The turquoise and lampwork hearts necklace.

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