Saturday, November 09, 2013

Setting Up For the Lucerne Valley Art Show

Still Life With Fruit and Gourd Vase by Fayme Harper

Gourd Owl

Horse Vase

Ezmeralda the Emerald Lady

Wandering Man

Gourd Art Doll by Fayme Harper

For the past three days I've been absolutely consumed with getting ready for the Lucerne Valley Art Show. Last night I took in sixteen pieces to display. I had 2 brand new assemblages, five gourd art pieces, and nine acrylic paintings. I'm glad I took extra paintings because they didn't care if they were framed or not. Everything I took with me got a spot. This afternoon when I went back there were a lot more paintings on display. There were four people there, but 3 of them were artists and one was the lady running the show. I hope to spend some time tomorrow there to see how my work is received. I heard the local paper came by today, so at least there will be some coverage in the press. I was hoping it would be in the Sunday paper; then I found out the paper only comes out once a week, which is Wednesday. I hope they mention my name at least. If you happen to be in Lucerne Valley, CA tomorrow, drop by the Community Center and see the art. Show closes at 4 PM.

Elephant Boy and Wandering Man Assemblages by Fayme Harper

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