Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Night at Shoebox Ranch

The art show is over and things are tucked away. I didn't sell anything but I'm not surprised when I saw what the venue was like. But I'm not sorry I did it. It got me out of the house for two days and at least I put myself out there and met some of the locals.

After things were put away last night we drove to Apple Valley for some dinner at Carl's and then picked up some groceries for tonight. I made pizza for lunch and there is a chicken in the rotisserie for dinner.

Guy is working on some arrows and when he's done we are going to watch some Firefly episodes.

It was a good day. I did some writing for Nanowrimo, watered the mulberry and eucalyptus trees, dug out an old dead plant so I can put a rose bush there, fed the chipmunks, and puttered around the yard.

I crocheted almost an entire hat while at the art show yesterday. So I have three crocheted hats to finish.  And I found some knitted afghan squares from an old project that I'd like to work on. So I may do that tonight after Firefly.

Esmeralda the Emerald Lady by Fayme Harper

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