Saturday, November 02, 2013

Scrappy Crochet and Another Apple Pie

Egads, I just found out the art show I signed up for is only a week away. I thought it was 2 weeks. I've been so caught up in Halloween, I wasn't watching the calendar.

Last night I started crocheting a multicolored hat in random stripes. I love random scrappy things. I think I finally have the crocheted ribbing down.

I got a letter from my pen pal Carol. We've been swapping letters for years. So much had just happened with Halloween and all that I sat down for an hour to write back. The Dutch Apple Pie was baking in the oven so it helped the time to pass quicker. I liked this pie better but my boyfriend liked the first pie better. We cut the apples thinner so they cooked much faster.

Delicious Dutch Apple Pie

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