Saturday, June 01, 2013

Copyright Photos and Calligraphy and Illumination

Tonight I am gathering all my art supplies relevant to calligraphy and illumination hoping to do some painting at an SCA event tomorrow. And I just realized it is not the acrylic paints that I need, but the gouache, in my art studio out back, in complete darkness. I hope I have time to grab it in the morning because I've been in a painting mood all week and haven't gotten around to it yet.

In order to protect my livelihood, I've decided to only post small photos with my copyright on them. But since those extra steps take extra time, I am going to be posting less photos. It's too bad it's come to this, but I have had some issues, and keep reading about other bloggers with the same issues. Now I don't mind being put on Pinterest or places that link back to here, as long as no one is making money off of my labor. But I did get miffed when some of my archery photos showed up on archery sites that sell things, and they are not even real companies, but ad farms. So yeah, now, I have to do this and it irks me. And it makes my blog less interesting to you guys. And it is not even the photos you'd expect, like a nice shot of a rose. It's always strange photos that might be used to illustrate an article, like the photo of a cresting jig for archery showing up on a vendors page. One of them even has my boyfriend's face in it and was stolen off of Flickr. Not everyone in this world wants to play fair. Now some legitimate businesses have asked to use my photos for things like their monthly newsletter, and up until now I've said yes. But my friend, who is also a photographer tells them not only no but hell no, unless he gets some sort of payment. I think he is right. From now on I'm going to charge a flat fee of  $20 per use. All they can say is no, right? But they might say yes and I can then put food on my table or pay an electric bill.

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