Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crocheted Gloves

Today at fighter practice I made some great progress on the fingerless gloves I'm crocheting on a size D hook. The yarn likes to split so I have to go slow, yet someone complimented me on how fast I crochet.  I guess it is all relative. The yarn is mostly shades of green/blue but every now and then a dark blood red shows up. Once I finish the ribbing on the cuffs, the rest of the gloves are shell stitch and I'm looking forward to that part. I got the pattern from a library book. There are about six things in there I want to make so maybe I better buy my own copy. I'm happy to report I finally learned how to crochet ribbing. So maybe some house slippers or socks are in my future. And it wasn't hard at all. You just crochet in the back loops only of each single crochet row.

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