Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pouches and Paintings

One thing about a poor Internet connection, is it gives me a lot more time to do crafts if I just walk away from the computer. The bad part is its hard to make daily blog posts if I can't get on line. So right now I'm at the library playing catch up.

I'm right in the middle of making 8 or so crazy quilt style pouches. I've got the pretty part done with the patchwork and the embroidery. I still have to figure out how to line them and assemble the straps. This is where I always get bogged down.

And the painting bug has bitten me again so I've been busy doing paintings in goauche of girls. I liked the first one where a girl is standing under some grapes. But the one I did last night of a girl holding flowers needs some work. And I need to start using watercolor paper, because I'm using more water than I planned and my paper is curling up. But I'm out of Bristol, so a trip to an art supply store is on my list, when we get into town again and I have money again. I hate running out of supplies. It really bogs down my creativity.

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