Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweater Magic

Today I raided the local Goodwill for sweaters to re-purpose into whimsical fairy coats. That is to say, I need to try coming up with a design and make one first. If that one comes out, who knows what the future will bring. I asked at Goodwill if clothing is washed first and she said they just hang it the way they receive it, so I'm washing everything on cold and delicate and drying them all on delicate. Anything that can't stand up to that will be set aside and used for something else. I can't expect my customers to want to dry clean their coats. So they have to be washable to be practical. I might have to find 3 models to wear the different sizes for photos. I'm happy I'll be keeping the sweaters out of the landfill for the time being. I also bought an embroidered jacket from India. It was marked 'dry clean only' but came out okay in the wash. It was marked $9.99 but there was a sale on green tagged items so I got it for half off. I'm not sure how many sweaters it takes to make a coat, but at least the 6 I got will be enough for the top half. I think $6. is a bit much to pay for a used sweater, so hopefully I can find some better deals at the swap meet or yard sales. My boyfriend bought some books too. I also went to Michaels and picked up 2 plastic storage bins for my square foot paintings and a wooden 3 cube unit for more storage for magazines or bins. It is bare wood so I think I will collage it. That should be fun. I stocked up on craft paint too. I try to buy it on sale to keep the costs down.

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