Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Weekend

David watching Guy make a longbow.

Kat doing some card weaving.
I wish I had a close up shot because it was really incredible.

Me in front of the new Greenman banner.

Sal showing Susan how to make a bow.

Guy reading one of the used books he got at the event.
This was a creative weekend.  Saturday I was at an SCA event in La Crescenta, CA.  We proudly hung the Greenman Banner from our canopy.

I started working on a narrow red and pink knitted scarf. My friend Carol worked on her knitting as well. I just realized we were both making scarves.

I ran into Kat who was weaving some amazing trim. I think it was card weaving.

Guy brought 2 bow shaving benches and he and Jim worked on new longbows.

Then on Sunday we went to the Paleoplanet gathering. It started out slow but by the afternoon there were about 25 people there. I worked on my new Junk Journal and started a cross-stitch chicken on a dark green background.

Aimee was there working on some feather earrings and then on some beadwork on her leather archery glove. Sal was helping a new woman work on a board bow. I think her name was Susie. Alex brought his new bride and his boys.

Then after that we went over to see my boyfriend's mom. She had wanted to review her balloon animals. She used to be a clown for the Rotary Club years ago. So we got a good laugh out of trying to make balloon poodles, dogs, giraffes, swans and other mutant things.

I'll have some photos tomorrow. I'm too tired to start editing photos tonight.

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Cat Ellen said...

Yes, that was cardweaving --> both the piece on my loom, and the belt I'm wearing in the picture.