Thursday, January 05, 2012

Gorgeous Belly Dance Costume

Today I made a to-do list, and virtually ignored it as my day went off in another direction. I got some dishes and laundry done, then it was off to Sizzler to take advantage of a 'bogo' birthday coupon I got on the Internet. Then I went to Walmart to buy a picture stand so I can take better photos of my square foot paintings.  On Jan. 3 I got some mat board so I could frame them and get them to lay flat for the photos.
I planned to work on my Etsy shop, but somehow I kept getting distracted. I swear I have no self-discipline sometimes. Facebook is eating my time like crazy.

Then I saw this gorgeous belly dancing costume here:

I'm dying to make something in red and leopard print. I was planning that before I saw her costume, but now I'm so excited about doing it.

I was going to work on my juggling clubs today but the day just got away from me.


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