Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Today I was browsing Yardsellr and happened upon the link to export my Etsy listings directly to Yardsellr.  Now why I couldn't find that button to save my life a few days ago I just don't know.  Also, when my friend tried to migrate his, he said it took days for the listings to show up on Yardsellr, whereas mine showed up almost instantly.

Today I was telling my boyfriend that I wanted to get a tortilla press.  Then tonight when I showed him Yardsellr, he was randomly scrolling through cooking items, when he stumbled upon a cast iron tortilla press. It was priced at $27.00 but I had a $30 photon credit sitting on my account.  So I hopped over, bought the press, paid with Paypal, and when all was said and done, it was only $5. out of my own pocket. I told my boyfriend I felt like I was stealing it!  And the seller had free shipping to get the thing delivered right to my front door! Fantastic.

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