Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Organized

I hit a great Veteran's Day sale at Joann's yesterday.  Then I headed over to the dollar style store to get more storage boxes. I decided to sort my burlesque and belly dance trim into boxes by color. It's not a perfect system.  Do I only keep the unfinished parts in there, and then put the finished pieces in even more bins? And what happens when the bra is both pink and blue? Then which bin does it go in?  And then I was going to put all the bins in a cardboard box.  Great plan except I wanted to put six bins in there and only five fit. And two have to go sideways and the lids are not that secure, so I may have to put ties around the containers. Truly, being organized is not my forte.

My find of the day was some black fishnet style fabric with silver metallic thread shot through it.  I think someone had hidden it away to come scoop it up once it was on sale because it was shoved sideways behind all the other bolts.  But I have hawk eyes and ferreted it out. I almost got it in white too, but honestly, I wear black over white nine times out of ten.  So with the sale price I paid $3.00 a yard for 2 yards, and since there was only 3/4 yard left she gave me that at a deeper discount.

So today I'm a wee bit more organized but not by much.

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