Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doodle Project Day One and Books

I must be tired because I put my art post in this other blog of mine when I meant to put it here. Doodle Project.

I'm so excited at the two books I just ordered from Amazon. One is a book I have been wanting for a year of miniature illuminations that is a reference for SCA scrolls.  The hard cover is very expensive but I found a nice used soft cover for around $15.00.

The book that attracted me to Amazon in the first place was one I saw last week and decided I can't live without. It's called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists.
The third book is one my boyfriend ordered that will soon be in print. It's about making gourd bottles. It comes out in a few days so we pre-ordered it. We have several books by the same artist and they are always excellent. I don't even need to flip through it first.  I just know I'll love it.

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