Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Working on Gifts

Today has been a busy day and not much time for crafting. This is Nanowrimo month so I've been working on my novel. And some of my characters are crafters! Ha, big surprise there.  One of them crochets and the other one is sewing.

Speaking of sewing I want to make some aprons for Christmas gifts. I got a cool pattern from Simplicity. It's 2492. The catalog has a Christmas version not shown on the pattern envelope. But I think I want to make a year round version. If I'm going to that much trouble I don't want to make something someone will open on Christmas that they won't want to wear until next Christmas. That would be dumb.

I got some beadwork and knitting done on my trip. Check out this vintage needle package I got from a relative. Only 10 cents. The needles are in perfect condition. I didn't get much beading done. I was too busy visiting my grandson and keeping tiny and sharp objects out of his hands. He just learned to walk and climb on furniture, so areas that used to be safe aren't anymore.

Here is my daughter holding her son. She was Dorothy and he was a monkey for Halloween. We all got a good laugh when I showed up as a witch, when none of us had discussed costumes ahead of time. Cool beans.

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