Sunday, November 01, 2009


I think I finally have Halloween out of my system. I'm candied out, costumed out and tuckered out.
I'm still 300 miles from  home though. I'm looking forward to knitting on the train. I just hope it's not too crowded from the weekend travelers heading home on a Sunday afternoon. I've never taken the train on a Sunday before so we'll see how it goes. The train won't sell out but the bus might. Being crammed in a bus seat too narrow for my thighs for two hours isn't my idea of a fun time. So I'm hoping to get a empty pair of seats so I can work on crafts.
I have time to do some beadwork before leaving for the train. So I'm going to get on with that. The way the Amtrak works is sometimes it's half bus and half train, and that is the case this time. I'd rather take the train the whole way, but that only happens once a day and never seems to work into my schedule. So half and half it is.

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JafaBrit's Art said...

I used to love using trains, either into london, or getting to New York.

Happy knitting.