Monday, November 09, 2009

Little Girl's Room

I'm getting ready to have my daughter visit. Which means I have to hide the things I'm making for her for Christmas. HAHA.
I picked up some root beer colored beads last night at Michael's. I suppose it's a sign of the times that now they have a combo lock on their bathroom and their employee's lounge. Those didn't exist when I worked there. Very inconvenient when you have to use the restroom. And they no longer just tell you the password. You have to wait for them to page someone to come to the door and unlock it for you. Kind of like being in second grade eh? I'm surprised they don't come in the stall to watch you.

At any rate, I got my beads, and got to work on my beaded collar for about an hour before bedtime. I think I have enough beads in the right colors now to finish it. It's getting pretty heavy, but I actually like the way the weight of a beaded garment will hug your body.

I met two knitters at the Nanowrimo meeting yesterday. They just learned so I'm looking forward to seeing them again so I can teach them to knit a hat to go with their scarves. One of them told me about a site called 'Write or Die". If you have trouble writing blog posts in a timely fashion you might want to check it out. I tried it last night but I was so tired, I'll have to try it again. You set it for how many words you want to write and in what length of time, and then the timer keeps you on track. Sometimes I think my blog entries are a little on the slim side so I will definitely try it. Otherwise I tend to daydream instead of write.

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